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Introducing La Tribu

A “tribe” (“la tribu” in Spanish), is a community of people linked by social or economic ties, with a common culture and a defined leader.  La Tribu is a coaching business built of people with the common culture of striving to be better in all aspects of life.


Many people have coaches and mentors when they are young. But having them throughout life is the key to lasting success.  A coach doesn’t just look at a problem and give you an answer.  A coach looks at the bigger picture.  They help identify one’s goals and aspirations, and then work with them to find the right path, charting the tasks needed to get there along the way.  A good coach is right by their side, motivating and pushing clients to achieve the goals they have set.


“Everyone is capable of getting to whatever they consider to be the next level in their life.  But how you do it is the game changer.  A good coach will help you both identify your strengths and then determine how to use those strengths as your defining advantage.  That’s where my coaches and mentors have had the biggest impact for me and where I hope to be able to have the greatest impact on my clients. Watching the progress and seeing the successes of clients as they strive to be better in all aspects of life, is how I measure success.”


For more information about coaching, contact Andres today!


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