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Getting to Know La Tribu’s Founder

When Andres Villalba checked his email a few months ago, he was posed with a question that brought him to tears.  A young woman from his past was getting married and wanted to know if he would walk her down the aisle.  Although the two had spoken a few times over the past 15 years, he hadn’t seen her since she was 15.  And until that email, he never realized the magnitude of the impact he had on her life. 

While playing professional basketball in Mexico, Andres knew he wanted to give back to the local community.  He saw streets full of kids who had nowhere to go and no adults watching out for them after school, so he decided to start a youth basketball program.  But he soon found that the problem was much bigger than he even realized.  Many of these young kids had been abandoned by their parents and were living on the streets.  That basketball program quickly turned into an orphanage and Andres became a mentor to the kids.  That young, soon to be bride, was one of the first graduates of that orphanage.   

Never underestimate the difference you can make for others

After spending years mentoring and coaching people in his spare time – from founding orphanages in Mexico and then coaching others on the process so that they could take over, to volunteering as a “Big Brother” in the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program, to mentoring other agents in his real estate firm – Andres decided to form La Tribu to grow the amount of people he could reach.  

A “tribe” (“la tribu” in Spanish), is a community of people that are linked by social or economic ties, with a common culture and a defined leader. Andres said La Tribu is a coaching business built of people with the common culture of striving to be better in all aspects of life.  Many people have coaches and mentors when they are young, but personal coach Andres Villalba believes that having them throughout life is the key to lasting success.  

“One of my mentors taught me that to be really successful in life, everyone needs help.  You need a coach or a mentor,” Andres said.  “That’s why I started La Tribu.”

Andres says that the coaching and mentoring he does falls more under the category of “accountability coaching” than typical life coaching.   He works with people who want more out of their lives by helping them to identify their goals and find their purpose.  One of the things that he asks his clients to think about is, what can you do today that is going to make a difference in the lives of someone – today or 20 years from now?  He believes that if you can’t answer that, you may need help finding your purpose.

Andres explained.  “A coach asks questions to get you thinking about your goals and aspirations, and then helps you find the right path, charting the tasks needed to get there along the way.  And a coach is your cheerleader, motivating and pushing you to achieve the goals you’ve set.”  

“Having a coach meant that I’d have someone in my corner to help navigate my decisions. Someone that was bold and courageous enough to tell me when I needed to get my act together,” remarked Robert, one of Andres’ clients.  “Andres has motivated me to lead with intention and with your word. To do what you say you’re going to do.  Professionally, having a coach has kept me accountable to strive to be a better leader, authentically serving others.”

Andres with his first mentors: his parents
Andres with 2 of his original mentors: his mom and dad.

Andres believes that everyone is capable of getting to whatever they consider to be the next level in their life.  But he said that how you do it is the game changer.  

“A coach will help you both identify your strengths and then determine how to use those strengths as your defining advantage,” Andres said.  “That’s where my coaches and mentors have had the biggest impact for me and where I hope to be able to have the greatest impact on my clients.” 

Sometime next year, Andres will take the arm of a young woman he met almost 20 years ago and walk her down the aisle, standing next to her on the most important day of her life.  The time he spent mentoring her left an indelible mark on her and changed the trajectory of her life.  And it helped Andres find his purpose – helping others reach their full potential so that they can lead happier, more fulfilled and successful lives.  Andres says that watching the progress and seeing the successes of his La Tribu clients as they strive to be better in all aspects of life, is how he measures his success. 

What can you do today that is going to make a difference in the lives of someone – today or 20 years from now?

-Andres Villalba

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