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Achieve success by setting goals

La Tribu is…

A group consisting of individuals willing to be held accountable to achieve success in multiple facets of their lives.

We all know how hard it is to stay focused on our goals while everyday life throws things at us. Just when you think you have a path figured out, something changes and you have to rethink everything.  Whether it’s something as small as a traffic jam that makes you miss a meeting, or a big change that causes you to question your approach to reaching a goal… things just have a way of getting in the way.  So what do you do when that happens?  How do you regroup and move forward, ensuring that you keep your focus on what’s important?  It’s all about accountability.

La Tribu is a coaching concept that grew organically, from people reaching out to see how I could help them stay focused, hold them accountable and ultimately reach a balance with their work/life/play. Whatever these look like to you, we all need someone to keep us in line and to make sure we are producing at the highest level across the board, without sacrificing what is really important.

Make a Plan: No great goal can be accomplished without a solid blueprint of the steps needed to get there.  But at times, we are so focused on the end result that we become overwhelmed by how to achieve it.  Outlining attainable and practical milestones allows you to break a large goal into realistic stages, making the goal seem less daunting.

Speaker and productivity blogger Jason Lengstorf wrote a great article about the value of effective planning: The Art of Effective Planning: Avoid Wasted Time and Stress.

Be Held Accountable: Are you able to hold yourself accountable to the steps you’ve outlined?  Having someone to discuss your progress with can help you see things in a different light.  Whether it’s being your cheerleader when you don’t feel like things are going right, helping you think through a new way to tackle an obstacle, or just review your plan and hold you accountable to the targets you’re aiming for, a coach can help.

Stay Focused: Distractions are everywhere and can derail even the best of intentions.  Finding ways to stay focused or bring you back when you lose focus will keep you on track to reaching your goal.

Work Hard: Perhaps Andrew Carnegie said it best when he said, “Anything in life worth having is worth working for.” Work toward your goals every day, even (and especially) when it gets hard.

Succeed: Success is a journey.  And your definition of what it means will change depending on what’s happening in your life.  But it’s important to identify your values and ensure they stay aligned with your goals. Defining what success means to you and then reviewing each goal against that definition is vital.  And celebrating your successes as they come, no matter how big or small, will help you stay motivated.

Stay Humble: No one can get through life on their own.  Don’t assume that you are any different.  When you’ve reached a goal, celebrate without arrogance.  Thank those who have helped you get there.  And then use your success to find ways to be of service to others.

Author and leadership blogger Frank Sonnenberg has a lot to say about the importance of staying humble, regardless of your successes.  He includes the ideas that “success is temporary, no one is perfect, and bragging is ugly.” His article, Be Humble: Don’t Let Success Go to Your Head, is worth a read.

Although I’ve been doing this for years, I’m grateful to be able to tap deeper into this calling of giving back, helping and inspiring others through this platform. Contact me if you feel accountability coaching might be what you need to stay balanced and reach your goals.

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